I don’t blog about myself at all, as I wanted to just assemble a load of amazing interviews with you lot here on the Mumspo blog, but I thought maybe you might like to know something about me! Maybe not, if so, please do just go ahead and ready about the other amazing mums here.

SO I got the boys out of the house today and got time on my own using a “spend some valuable one-on-one time with your son” line. I spend all day Wednesday and of course weekends with Chips, and work the other four days, so the Dadspo is often complaining he doesn’t get the fun times as he mainly does the nursery run. (That said, our Wednesdays are mainly Chips yelling at me, he’s nearly two).

So what did I do?

  1. Text my mum mates to share the fact I AM ON MY OWN WITH NO CHILD.
  2. Immediately cleared the one living space we have, the living room, of kid detritus, laid out my 12-year old yoga mat and tuned in to my new favourite online yogi Adriene and did this routine:

    I’ve been practising yoga for around the same amount of time I’ve had my trusty mat, and Adriene is a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t so much the weight loss element that got me into this one, I just fancied a strong routine with a good vinyasa flow. She has a routine for everything and I use her lowerback videos when I’m feeling tender, which is often.3.¬†Cleaned the windows (this never happens), mopped the floor boards, drank a hot chocolate, the Dadspo came back and dropped the Chips off in his cot for a sleep, moved my succulents into the shed for winter as in London right now it’s -1 degrees, watched all the Caroline Hirons and Ruth Crilly videos I have missed all week, reached out to some more inspirational mums to feature, put away all my washing.

    So that was the last three hours, and now I hear the kraken awake.

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