Welcome to Mumspo. This is me and my nipper Chips. Mumspo is a resource for amazing mums who flex their creative muscle either on maternity leave, or with growing kids. Whether you have launched your own business, planted a veggie garden or coordinated all your outfits with your baby*, Mumspo is the place to share your story.

Here you will find the stories of amazing mums who inspire other mums to do that much more than nappy changing and incessant laundry.

I’ve started Mumspo because when I found myself on maternity leave, I missed sharing creative ideas with the kind of people I would rub shoulders with at work.

We all know that creating an entire human person is creativity enough, but if you ever wanted to do something even a little bit creative while parenthood grows on you, I hope this will be a great place for you to read what other mums have created in their spare** time.


**further jks.

  • Fernanda

    This is a great idea, and looks gorgeous. Go you!

    December 16th, 2014 6:25

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