Who launches a business just before their baby is due? Luisa Loveday, that’s who.

London mum Luisa brought her gorgeous bits to market just before her babe Cleo-Rose was born, and is amazing inspo for anyone who thinks their babe will put a stop to their small business dreams.

When I first came across Luisa Loveday, she pinged a quick message to our local mums’ Facebook group in south-east London about her amazing lingerie business, Loveday London. At the time I was neck-deep in ugly nursing bras and the kind of big pants they make you have packed in your hospital bag for labour.

Reading about Loveday London made me vow to get back to my lacy smalls obsession (TMI?) and spend up on her local designs once I could ditch the big knickers. Firstly, because they’re the kind of foxy knickers that don’t look like they should come with a fire warning and secondly because I love to support a local mum.

Loveday London is stocked in Selfridges, among others, and this year will see the launch of three luxurious new collections, scented candles and re-introduction of the sell-out Superstition collection.

So is launching a business right before a new babe lunacy? Inspiration? You be the judge.

Luisa and Cleo. Loveday London. Mumspo

Tell us who you are and who makes up your family.

I am Luisa Loveday. I have a wonderful husband James and we have a beautiful baby girl Cleo-Rose. We are also proud owners of a dog Honey-Bee and two cats Frank and Lilian. (It’s a busy household!)

What is your creative business?

Loveday London is one of my babies… launched at the end of January 2014, we are about to celebrate our first birthday. What a year it has been! I employ a PR agency and have freelance employees who do regular work for Loveday London. I’m looking forward to expanding our team in 2015.

Loveday London

How and when did you come to start it?

I had been working in the lingerie industry throughout and since University. I knew it was the right industry for me. I had such a fabulous experience designing for Coco de Mer for 18 months, I really understood the brand and its vision, and felt that it was time to apply the same level of understanding to my own brand. It was a ‘now or never’ kind of moment.

What does it mean to you and how it makes you feel?

I feel proud of what I have achieved (despite having a baby throughout the start-up process) and feel excited for the future of the brand.

What the hardest part about it is?

Time management as a Mother and business director… This can be really tricky and 2014 waved goodbye to my social life all together. However now that the baby is getting older and the business is taking flight, I plan to use 2015 to save my social life and establish a positive working routine!

Cleo-Rose is only 8 months (I was 7 months pregnant when I launched the company!) so these first 8 months have been the biggest juggling act! She has just started nursery two days a week, which she seems to completely love, and gives me time to dedicate a full day to Loveday London (hence me replying to your email finally!) Before starting at Nursery, I would work in the evenings, occasionally bring her into the office (at home) and would organise for my Mother in Law to come to stay with us when I had key deadlines coming up (such as trade shows/photo shoots etc) to make sure I had everything done. My husband works in television and last year only had morning shows so had ridiculously early starts but was usually home by 1pm. We’re also renovating our house ourselves, so his time is largely occupied with this, but he helps with Cleo-Rose whenever I need him to. This year he has afternoon shows too so won’t be around as much!

It has become more difficult to work whilst being with Cleo-Rose as she is getting more active, so sitting on my laptop, or even my phone emailing, isn’t a practical solution any more as she wants to play with my phone and laptop too! I also don’t want her to feel that I’m ignoring her in any way and I can see as she get’s older that she needs my attention more and more, which I want to give! This is why we’ve gone for nursery so that I can really focus on her the days that I have her.

Finally, what or who is your inspo?

My father was a huge inspiration to me, and his drive and enthusiasm for life is deeply engrained in me.

Loveday London


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