Kellie Moore who runs Jelly Belly Outdoors, Pilates and Training is the main reason I felt like a whole person again after labour left me in pieces. Kellie is an antenatal and postanatal specialist, and a mum, so she really understands what you’re going through and how important it is to knit yourself back together. Kellie’s Jelly Belly Outdoor antenatal training sessions in Peckham Rye park in London, and instructor Zoe Baggi’s in Dulwich Park, along with Kellie’s antenatal pilates at the Goose Green clinic left me feeling like I had my own body back after 3 months of weekly sessions. The Jelly Belly ladies have been my fitness inspo this year.

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Who your are and who makes up your family?
Hi! I’m Kellie Moore. I’m from Australia and I have lived in London for over 12 years. My husband is Marco and we have a 2 year old boy called Riley.

What your creative project is?
Jelly Belly Pilates & Training, a pre/post-natal exercise company that delivers Post-natal Pilates classes, Pregnancy Fit classes, Jelly Belly Outdoors park classes, Personal Training in the home as well as NCT group training all over London. I’m currently working on a new website where I will also be taking exercise online. Women looking to keep fit during pregnancy or wanting to get back in to shape afterwards, will be able to access a private members area and receive customised workouts just for them to do anytime, anywhere. Very exciting!



How and when you came to start it?
I started Jelly Belly in 2008 with a special focus for mums recovering from a caesarean birth. I found that women were nervous returning to exercise so wanted to bridge that gap. I started with Post-caesarean Pilates classes in East Dulwich and have since grown a team of fantastic trainers who help me offer classes and personal training across London. Zoe Baggi and I joined forces in 2014 to run Jelly Belly Outdoors, a mum and baby buggy workout in the park. We both feel passionate about safe, effect exercise for new mums and are excited about increasing our class locations in 2015.

What it means to you and how it makes you feel?
I love what I do and the business I’ve created. I find it very rewarding when I see a woman feel strong, confident and happy in themselves as a result of the classes or private sessions I provide. It’s real job satisfaction!

What the hardest part about it is?
The hardest part is not having any time for myself. I’m either working or looking after my son. If I do manage to do something for myself, I either feel guilty about not getting some work done or guilty about not spending time with my family!

Who is your inspo?
The women I see are my inspo. They inspire me to keep learning and improving so the services that Jelly Belly offers is the best that it can be.

Kellie’s five top tips to feeling good inside and out right now:
1. Be active everyday, even if it’s just a walk to the shops
2. Eat well
3. Drink plenty of water
4. Find time for yourself
5. Sleep (when you can!)


Zoe Baggi working us out in Dulwich Park. Photo credit: Michael Harvey

Zoe Baggi working us out in Dulwich Park. Photo credit: Michael Harvey


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