I’m a career woman! With a successful, winning, interesting career! I love my job and I’m totally balancing it with commuting and managing a home and a social life and the childcare! I am #successmum! Except when I am absolutely not and the lurgy strikes, usually in the night, and the Chips is so ill he can’t go to nursery. So I’m home again for one of those sofa days.

When the child wakes up with a fever, the whole production stops in its tracks. My highly tuned system of getting us both fed and me out the door in 40 minutes to cross London (literally south east to north west) goes out the window.

Today it’s just me in my leggings coated in Calpol and he on the sofa, rugged up despite his temperature, watching Monster Trucks (boys and girls, they are so different from the get-go aren’t they?) and taking one sip at a time from some fresh OJ.

In the long list of things they don’t really tell you, because as I (and you no doubt) realise the list is so long it’s impossible to share it all, is that there will be numerous sick days and no-one but you will care for them, because no-one else can.

You’ll get sick, then they’ll get sick, and then they’ll pick up a new sickness from nursery because you may need childcare for sanity/to pay the mortgage/for a semblance of adult conversation, and then you’ll get that. But when you’re ill, you can soldier on. If they’re ill, they get sent home. And so here we are. Me permanently ill, and a lot of the time caring for a tiny hot little fever pot.

For the self-employed, like Dadspo, this sucks and means you can’t really drop a day or you don’t get paid. So I feel really fortunate to have a great employer, who no, is probably not reading, but is great because they have a leave allowance for this and understand when I’m working on the phone and on email.

So today I’ll not be doing some couture presentation, or presenting on why content and SEO matter, but sitting around in leggings fretting about the delirious ramblings from Master Chips at my other job, the one you can’t do via phone and email.

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