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Forivor for sweet dreams

Just before the arrival of my second baby was born, I was lucky enough to meet Alice Ross and Rebecca Attwood who make dreamy bedding, and now sleepwear, for wee ones under the name Forivor. They were at the very lovely Dot to Dot London Christmas market at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green with their ridiculously beautiful duvet sets. The magical bedding tells the story of a fantastical...

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Grace Woodward And The Graceful Goddess

When you mention Grace Woodward to fashion people, the response I often hear is "OOH, I love her." Grace is the kind of strong, stylish mum whose name is synonymous with guts, style, grit and honest determination - all traits I could do well to draw from at least once or twice a week. Grace is renowned for being a stylist by trade, but she is also a survivor and...

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Helen Edwards: East End Prints

Helen Edwards has that magic number, 15. That number crops up so often when I talk to creative mums. It seems that 15 years of gathering expertise, working for other people is about the right time for lots of people to then have families and launch their own thing. Helen put 15 years into artist management and print art production, and five years ago she launched her own thing. Helen's...

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Fount London Nursery and Life Space, Hackney

Fount London is the kind of nursery you wish was around every corner. Sweet, considered and engaging for kids, it has only just opened for business in Westgate Road in Hackney - right opposite the Netil market. Nestled under railway arches, alongside a pop-up shop space and the delicious Italian deli and bar Il Cudega, it's a welcome addition to an area with a shortage of nursery spaces, and certainly...

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The Bad Ass Crossfit Mumma

Sometimes your inspiration as a mum is close to home. Or close at least to your original home, which might be on the other side of the world as it is in my case. Nicole Kovacic is my bessie from primary school, and she has gone on to not just being the baddest scrunchie wearer of the late 1980s, but the bad ass mum of two boys with autism and...

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Metal Mistress

What I love about blogging is finding out about careers and hobbies I would never have considered for myself. Lucy Branch has one of these careers. 39 year old Lucy is a director of her family’s firm Antiques Bronze Ltd, one of the UK’s leading conservation and restoration companies. She works on landmarks like Nelson’s Column, Cleopatra's Needle, Eros, St Paul's Cathedral, The British Library and Selfridges. Her family firm...

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The Professional Spa Breaker We Wish We Could Be

In the pre-George era (PGE) I was never really one for spa breaks. To me they sounded like a naff affectation found in chic lit and the realms of small, suburban dreams. I couldn't imagine anything worse than having to chatter to someone while sat in a soggy robe drifting from one underwhelming "treatment" to another where teenage facilists tell me that I should ditch my established skincare regime. And then,...

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Supporting Cystic Fibrosis In Style

If you were a lovely Danish lady living in Australia making necklaces with your children to support another child with cystic fibrosis, what do you think your biggest challenge might be? For Paulina Eaborn, can you believe it, it's abusive emails from would-be customers. I bet there's some other e-tailers out there who can commiserate. Read on to see how she manages to fit a healthy Aussie lifestyle in around making...

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Not So Normal For Nor-Folk

Minimalista sista Fiona Burrage's super-slick design business is the new normal for Norfolk. The East Anglian mum of one and her husband run a design business and have just launched Nor-Folk, their homewares and childrenswear design business. The first collection of childrenswear is about to launch and is called The Wonder Years - not an homage to Kevin and Winnie, but a streamlined take on the first few years of...

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Vintage mumma

I'm addicted to vintage furniture and when I met Wendy Aldridge, owner of vintage interior emporium Homeplace, I couldn't wait to see her new business launch. Based in Walthamstow, Homeplace is a website and a delectable Instagram feed - perfect fuel for my interiors obsession and my morning commute. Although we hope for a bricks and mortar store one day so we can wander around Wendy's choice finds. Wendy is one of...

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