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Those sofa days

I'm a career woman! With a successful, winning, interesting career! I love my job and I'm totally balancing it with commuting and managing a home and a social life and the childcare! I am #successmum! Except when I am absolutely not and the lurgy strikes, usually in the night, and the Chips is so ill he can't go to nursery. So I'm home again for one of those sofa days....

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Super Mum, Special Ted

There's inspiring mums, and then there's inspiring mums like Emma Haines. Emma is not just an accomplished sub-editor and journalist with a long career at some of the biggest names in UK publishing, she's in charge of raising theĀ funds needed to help her bubbly son Ted get the treatment he needs for his cerebral palsy - treatment that is hugely effective but not available on the NHS. Mumspo comes in...

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