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Grace Woodward And The Graceful Goddess

When you mention Grace Woodward to fashion people, the response I often hear is "OOH, I love her." Grace is the kind of strong, stylish mum whose name is synonymous with guts, style, grit and honest determination - all traits I could do well to draw from at least once or twice a week. Grace is renowned for being a stylist by trade, but she is also a survivor and...

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The Mother Of All Kids’ Stores

Nicola Eyre is your local south-east London enabler of the refined spendy spendy spending of your maternity leave pounds. She runs Cissy Wears, a chic emporium of monochrome and similarly cool baby goods in Hither Green, and of course online where her tempting wares can get to you in your bed, on the loo and any other time your kids leave you alone for one second. Cissy Wears stocksĀ all your...

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